Glenn B. Lucas

Profile Updated: December 16, 2009
Residing In: GalenaPk, TX USA
Spouse/Partner: Divorced
Occupation: Dentist
Children: Kenneth(stepson)1972,Andrew(stepson)1974,Thomas(stepson)1975,Jennifer1976,Daniel1980,Jonathan1983.
Military Service: USAF,USAR  

Married and Divorced twice,raised 5 children(hers,mine,and ours).Graduated UNC Dental School (1975);USAF(1975-1985);Private Practice,Houston,Tx(1985-current);USAR(2000-current,one Iraq tour2007).
Made alot of "poor choices" aka "mistakes" over the years;both marriages were "learning choices" aka "disasters";made alot of money;spent alot of money;lost alot of money.
Paid for 5 college educations for the kids{2 from Texas Tech;1 from AM in Galveston,2 from Univ of Houston}They all turned out good,basically(in other words,"they're heads are screwed on straight").
Lost all my hair in the process[so much for the sixties generation]
The career has been your basic "roller coaster ride",now I'm just "hanging on" to see what happens next.
Just had what the Army calls a Periodic Health Asessment(PHA) and the EKG seems to possibly be a problem,the Doc said either the machine is broken or I'm screwed(so we will see where this chapter goes).
I'm looking forward to the 2nd Player's Retreat Reunion,and the first time I've attended a '67 class reunion.
I hope that in the long run life has been kind to everyone and I think I'm definitely more nervous than I would like to admit to finally see everyone(Broughton always did that to me)
See Ya!

School Story:

The time in the 1st or 2nd grade(I can't remember which)at Francis Lacy School; a big,blond kid named Phillip Tuggle hit Janet Mustard in the mouth with a "Tinker Toy" and broke her front tooth.I don't think Janet was too pleased.