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Peter B. Minor

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05/11/11 09:53 AM #1    

Larry Butterton

Pete Minor used to hang around "The Sands" in high school, and along with me and Steve Gaj (Gay) & Chuck Spain met the Rolling Stones when they came to Raleigh in 1965. He was a nice guy with a quiet sense of humor.

10/03/16 12:25 PM #2    

Daulton West, Jr.

I got to know Pete in the 11th grade, through a mutual friend - Randy Bateman.  We hung out with Randy and the other "usual suspects" at the time and had some fun times together. My last memory was that Pete, Randy, Tommy Martin, and I went to Atlantic Beach for a memorable weeked during Senior Weekend in our last year at Broughton. Pete, you were a daring, unique, fun guy in the short time I knew you.  R.I.P.





10/04/16 11:40 AM #3    

Bruce Randolph Bateman



Great to hear from Daulton and Larry. Pete Minor and I were best friends, having both moved to RALEIGH at the same time. We naturally bonded and were tight with Jim Speidel, Rich Fary, Tommy Martin and Bill Barbour. Pete and I would spend Friday nights generally getting in trouble: climbing water towers, swimming in water tanks, visiting 'ghost houses' (once generated 12 of Raleigh's finest to join us), and another occasion I recall cranking up a steam roller that was working on Broughton's parking lot. That occasion drew another of Raleigh's police so we jumped off the moving equipment to make our escape!

Sad that things just didn't work out for such a musically talented and generally great guy. I miss him after all these years

Randy Bateman

10/05/16 09:05 AM #4    

Daulton West, Jr.

 Hi Randy,

Great hearing from you.  You, Pete, Rich, and I shared many fun times back in the day. Your recollection of cranking up a steam roller that was working on Broughton's parking lot reminded me of a similar time when North Hills was under construction.  You, Pete, and I were roaming around Norh Hills late on a Friday night, came across some construction equipment, and before we knew it, Pete had found the key and cranked up a bull dozer, or maybe it was a steam roller.  Made a hell of lot of noise, and we tried to get him off the thing and out of there before the cops came. Evidently Pete could not resist an idle piece of construction equipment, and had to see if he could get it started.  He was a "wild and crazy" guy.  



01/31/17 12:55 AM #5    

Garry J. Vass

I ran in to Pete at the 1997 reunion in Raleigh. He was friendly, outgoing, charismatic, and inclusive of all the classmates. After the reunion party he bought a round of drinks for about a dozen people and his personality absolutely glowed. He was in solid health and looked fit. And yes it was a surprise to see him listed here. Another one who was plucked too early... All the very best for his family and friends.

05/23/17 11:43 AM #6    

Scott Durham

I've been away from Raleigh for many years and I just recently joined this reuinion site. To see Pete's name listed in the "In Memory" section really shook me. Pete was the piano/organist in one of the bands I played in during our Broughton years. He was such a great guy. His talent was obvious, but it was only the tip of the iceberg. He was smart, witty, mischievious, sly, funny, innovative, and an absolute joy to be around. He was a brother to all of us. I'm so sorry. It's a personal loss.



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