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06/02/09 02:21 PM #1    

Garry J. Vass

I was looking at the 'In Memory' page and then went looking on the net for obits. Couldn't find even one. Disturbing. Does anybody know what happened to some of the people on the 'In Memory' page?

11/20/09 08:32 AM #2    

Laura W. Boyd (Wooldridge)

Gary, I don't know either, but would really like to know. I was pretty overwhelmed when I saw this list of so many classmates.
Laura Boyd

11/27/09 09:19 PM #3    


Craig K. Arey

Hey Yall ! ......John and Gary and Laura and I am here.
Where are the rest of you Old Timers, waiting for the bell to ring, so you can come in?

08/22/10 06:04 PM #4    


Craig K. Arey

Good God Yall........I cant believe that its been almost a year, and no-one else has posted anything, but here is some BIG NEWS for you all..........This coming Saturday, August 28, around 6 pm, those of us dorks from the "Out Crowd" during our Broughton years are going to have a get-together at the PR.....Guarendamnteed to be loads of fun and heartfelt reunion........I know from contact w/ various other's from the Out Crowd, that many of us have gone on to live very meaningful lives that have been helpful and hopeful through their humanitarian efforts to help ease the suffering and/or increase the happiness of others. I am very proud and grateful to have known these friends.                                 

    Of course, any of you girls and boys who were actully part of the "In Crowd" are most welcome,too! Especially, if these past 43 years have included enough pain and suffering for you to be able to discover your true humanity, too. Most definitely wish to include you all!

........................Be There And Still Be Square!..............................................








11/03/11 10:52 AM #5    

Larry Butterton

 In response to GARY VASS and LAURA WOOLRIDGE concerning "...whatever happened to...?":

Alan Eckels, Stephanie Waddell, Pam Jenks & Guy Lucas died of cancer.

Richard Fogg was killed on a moped.

Mike Kistler was killed in a car wreck.

Steve Lloyd died from liver disease.

Reid Lockhart committed suicide.

Barbara Ann Ross died of heart failure.

11/26/11 11:48 PM #6    


Craig K. Arey

Yep,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was Glenn, fer sure................a great "guy" though, he was...........

11/30/11 08:44 AM #7    

Larry Butterton

Sorry, my mistake.
Glenn Lucas died of cancer, not Guy.
I apologize if i hurt anyone with this error.

Larry Butterton

01/29/12 02:51 PM #8    

Garry J. Vass

Thanks for that update, Larry.  I still think the Sands did 'Get off my Cloud' better than the Stones.  Just thought I'd mention that...

10/06/12 01:23 PM #9    

Keith Valentine

Is there a list somewhere of the folks who have signed up for the reunion functions next week?  Thanks to whoever might respond.


12/27/12 11:37 AM #10    

Evelyn Louise Stainback (Jones)


02/13/17 12:29 PM #11    

Kevin P. Kolbe

You need to contact Guy Lucas about Glenn.  I thought Glenn died suddenly from heart or fatigue.

Glenn was working many denistry hours helping out a fellow denist.  Glenn was under alot of financal pressure from his marriages.


I remember meeting Guys neighbor and giving his neighbor my condolances.  And he said he spoke to Guy yesterday.


I thought Alan Echols died from an OD.  Alan could never get over adoption.

In Martin he informed me I was swapped at birth.


Kevin Kolbe


02/13/17 12:50 PM #12    

Larry Butterton

Hi Kevin -


Thanks for getting in touch!

I was wrong about the death of Guy Lucas; I corrected this error on this website on 11/30/11.

I was told by Alan Echols' best friend that he died of cancer. Perhaps I misunderstood, or maybe his friend was too embarrassed (or sad) to state the real reason he died. I only know what he told me.

Please stay in touch!


Larry B.

02/14/17 06:30 PM #13    

Kevin P. Kolbe

Alan Echol's best friend was Charles Kistler.  As you know Charles died in a car crash.  My brother married one of the Kistler sisters.  I was taken back meeting Charles' son at my brothers Lake Gaston place.  I had to play both Charles and Alan in the 8th grade chess tounament at Martin.  I also had Alans dad as a lecturer at NCSU in the Electrcal Engineering program.  Alan's home is on the way to my sisters place in north Hills and still bears the marker.  Although I never met her, Alan's mom was an attorney.  Alan and Charles were caught together breaking into cars during their youth. 

Another story was that Alan, a red head, ran away from home to NYC.  To prevent his recogonition, Alan attempted to die his hair black.  It came out green.


Maybe I will also be dead before stories are told about me.


10/02/21 09:11 PM #14    

Kevin P. Kolbe

Those of you who had Nancy Banks in Martin JR High in the 7 or 8 grades (english and history) may want to participate in sending her a birthday card on her 90 birthday October 10.

The object is to send 90 cards.

Nancy Banks

2801 Rothgeb Drive

Raleigh, NC 27609

11/05/21 08:13 PM #15    

Kevin P. Kolbe

Nancy Banks, eighth grade English Martin Junior High, did not receive the target of 90 birthday cards on her 90th birthday. 

She received 130.

Thanks to all.

Kevin Kolbe


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