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Dale E. Van Horn

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01/17/10 09:24 AM #1    

Robert Haywood (Haywood)

Dale was a very creative individual with lots of friends.
I remember the advetisement that he did for a school barbeque. Do you remember:"The only barbeque that's shot from guns."?

I am very sorry to hear of his passing.

02/03/10 06:29 PM #2    

David R. Rowland

I remember the Daniels choir came to Martin in the 9th grade where I was a student. Their soloist was someone very special. I distinctly remember- a standout. Then at Broughton, I heard this same fellow sing. Yes, it was Dale. This made me feel proud that I was a part of an outstanding class of students and talent. Oh yes, he's in my class, I would respond proudly.

10/06/12 03:23 PM #3    

Keith Valentine

What a voice!  I sang with Dale in Bourghton Ensemble.  Loved hearing him on the radio.

08/03/13 10:07 AM #4    

Laura W. Boyd (Wooldridge)

I am embarrassed to just now be catching up on news of so many classmates: their accomplishments and their passings. Dale was indeed a light! I 'swooned' over him.

05/20/17 07:42 PM #5    

Walter L. Wright

I first met Dale in Junior High, and had volunteerd to help him acclimate to public school, becasue as you probably remember he had a serious visual disorder. He transferred over from the Blind School in Raleigh to attend Junior High and High School in the public system..   He had a marvelous and magnetic wit about him, and I especially remember his sarcastic humor.  Dale was musically very talented, but seemed to keep it a secret from almost everyone.  He actually composed and wrote the top 40 song "Anna" that was listed in Cash Box amd Billboard Magazines and played on radio stations nationally during our years at Broughton.  I was one of the band members of the Inmates that played at our Senior Prom, and we all knew about Dale's talent.  We played "Anna" regularly anyway, and so we arranged to have Dale sing it at our Prom.  Some of you who remained sober probably remember that.  He showed up in a tux and did a great job.  Later he was a DJ on WKIX  (850 AM) a station I know you all remember.  Knowning Dale and watching him handle his handicap was undoubtedly a big reason I became so interested in vision disorders and became an eye surgeon.  Unfortunately I lost contact with Dale and do not know any details of his early death.  

05/21/17 08:11 AM #6    

Richard Smith

Several years ago at our opening day, county wide, faculty and staff meeting in Lee County, Dale gave a great motivational speech. I was fortunate enough to talk with him briefly when he finished. He had spoken with no notes,of course,just like he gave every oral report in class. As classmates we were envious of him for being able to ad lib with what we thought was little preparation.He had a great sense of humor and laughed at himself which helped put us at ease when we were around him.

I can't remember the song "Anna". I think I remember some mention of the song "You're the Entertainer" that I believe he wrote ( not to be confused with the composition "The Entertainer"-don't know abot this for sure). Think about how many talented people, especially musicians the School for the Blind influenced and how they influenced others: Paul Montgomery (Uncle Paul Show on WRAL-"It's time for the Uncle Paul show. And here he is!") Doc Watson and many others. We have greatly benefited from those people, too and not just from the entertainment they have given us .

05/21/17 12:45 PM #7    

Joseph (Jody) Lowe


I remember Dale presenting a book report to our class in junior high--the book sounded amazing so after class i asked Dale where i could find the book--he said Jody that book doesnt exist--i was so impressed with his creativity of being able to make up this book and present it in detail. It was years later with his music that i really began to fully understand just how creative and talented Dale truly was.

Jody Lowe

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